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Cover versions of Seán Brady songs

Lots of my songs that have been covered by other acts and are available on various albums via online shops, itunes, spotify and similar platforms.

Here's a selection of some of my personal favourites.

You can also find collectors copies of my earlier recordings, particularly Vinyl, on Ebay and Amazon.

Most of my own current releases and back catalogue can also be bought in download version on Itunes.

Many of the covered versions are also available on Itunes and Spotify.

Click here for a selection of YouTube versions of my songs by myself and other recording artists.

This album is one of several by Susan McCann that includes my composition 'Never too old to Love' which enjoyed extensive airplay on the BBC and RTE.

Hear and buy this version on Itunes.

My own original version is available on my Thatcher Song CD.

Another version of my 'Never too old to love' is on this album by Foster & Allen.

It was released on several other compilations over the years and received extensive radio Plays.

I also recorded my own version on my (now deleted) 'Jackeens & Culchies' album, released it as a 7" single and it's also available on my Thatcher Song CD.

Hear and buy this version on Itunes

Youtube version.

The Foster & Allen version was originally released on the Telstar label in 1992 when it enjoyed long term international chart success.

Of all of my covers, this song in its varying versions, has generated the most radio play, unit sales and royalties by far.

Although my own albums have sold in large numbers, my songs have tended to receive minimal airplay.

It's been repackaged and re-released several times on various compilation albums including this one that was marketed by Readers Digest.


My self penned 'De Valera' is on this album under the pseudo title of 'Man of our times'.

I'm a long time fan of the Furey's and was 'over the moon' when they covered this song.

Go to Itunes and Spotify and search for 'Man of our times'.

Youtube version.

My own original version is available on my Thatcher Song CD.

The oftimes covered song 'De Valera' is also on this album. This Newfoundland based musician has released it as 'Man of our times'.

You can find it by searching on Itunes.

De Valera is also covered on this album by the popular Scottish based act 'Athenrye'.

Hear and buy this version on Itunes.

Youtube version

This album includes two covers of my earliest single releases by an Irish based act named 'Spailpin' who enjoyed Irish chart success with both versions of; 'The Thatcher Song' and 'The Taoiseach's Hooley'.

Youtube version.

Farmer Dan has covered many of my songs.

On this video album by 'Dan the Farmer' can be heard: 'Mother England's Giro, 'The Quare one' and 'Maggie & the Farmer'.

The CD version includes 'The Arthur Guinness Blues'

My own original versions are available on my Thatcher Song CD.

Youtube Version.

Charley and the Bhoys are a legendary band from Glasgow who've also covered my De Valera song on their 25 years celebration album.

You can buy it directly from their own website.

Youtube version.

Where can I get your Albums?

Cassettes? Old cassette versions of my albums are also found online via collectors sites but I don't have them available in my shop. Lots of CD's though!

The easiest and probably the least costly way to buy my albums is from my shop.

You can also get a lot of them on Ebay, Amazon and all the usual places online. You can also buy downloads on here or use Itunes and the other legal download sites.

If you're a collector of old deleted vinyl etc, you can get a lot of my old 7" singles and 12" albums on Ebay.

I do get contacted now and then for old vinyl versions but I don't have any of them in quantity, I have kept a few old LP's for souvenirs but that's it, so Ebay's your best source.

Where did you record?

I've recorded all of my stuff in London.

My first single was recorded in a makeshift studio in a Belfast blokes front room in Streatham.

My first album was recorded in a more up market setting in the West End at 70's icons Slade's old studio with my old school mate Steve O'Brien as co producer and engineer.

A lot of the following singles and albums were produced in and 8 track studio in Brixton and the one and only Maurice Ruiz's 16 track studio in Mitcham.

Many of the musicians who've  played on my recordings have been London Irishmen such as myself and I've never recorded anything in Ireland.

Any Turkeys?

My first 7" vinyl single 'Sweet Adare' was a total flop and I ended up chucking most of them into a skip except for about 100 of them that I sold at gigs to loyal followers who probably used them at a later date as frisbees.

My second album, 'Jackeens and Culchies' was, compared to my first album, a uber mega Turkey.

Sales were whoppingly down on the first one and it was at the time, a bit of a downer for me.

But, as it turned out, over time, two of the tracks went on to be the most covered and airplayed songs that I've ever written.

'De Valera' and 'Never too old to Love'.

Moral of that? 'Never say die' and 'Every cloud has a silver lining'!

Radio play?

My own recordings have had minimal airplay in the UK but the cover versions have had loads, including BBC playlisting. Susan McCann's version of 'Never too old to love' generated more airplay royalties for me than any other song written by me.

Why's that?

My early songs tended to be a considered a tad controversial and politically touchy. The Thatcher Song, The Taoiseach's Hooley and all of my other singles were either banned or ignored by both RTE and the BBC.

Bothered you?

Not at all. The fact that some of my songs were ignored and blacklisted, probably added to their popularity. Pub jukeboxes, Pirate radio in Ireland and word of mouth were a great help and sales were amazing, considering the lack of airplay.