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Seán Brady - links page

A great source for chords and lyrics of zillions of songs of all genres.

A vast reference point for Irish Music.


Experts in providing Irish entertainment.

A fine source on Irish Music and Song.

I've Known Tom for years, we did lots of stuff together in studios, gigs and America. Great player and a barrel of laughs.

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What's your own favourite song?

A question that pops up now and then is; 'What's your favourite song to sing at gigs?' I've always been a ballad man so I suppose it would be any one of a number of songs such as 'Skibbereen', 'Grace', 'The Green Fields of France', 'The Galtee Mountain Boy' or similar.

However, if I sang that tempo of song throughout a gig, it would make a lot of people depressed, so on the lively side, I think a good old Hank Williams number like 'I Saw The Light' or 'Jambalaya' are really uplifting and spikey numbers to belt out.

How long do you play at a gig for?

A standard gig and the most common format is two hours with a 15 minute break included. I also do bookings with 3 x 45 minute sets within a 3 hour window. There is a difference in the fee.

When playing abroad the times tend to differ by country. North America tends to be 4 sets over a 4 hour stint. It can be quite a grind that way but Canadians and Americans tend to be really responsive and 'up for it', so the time tends to fly.

To make a booking enquiry use my contact page. Or text me on + 44 (0) 7877 819255.


Who are YOUR favourite singers?

I'm not sure if I have one, but there are a few who I really love to hear and never tire of listening to.

They would include George Jones, The original Dubliners with Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly, Hank Williams Senior and in the modern era, Randy Travis, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris and Alan Jackson.

Of all the female singers, the one who stirs my soul the most, would be the late, great, Patsy Cline and in the Irish area I love the voice of Dolores Keane.

Apart from that there's a plethora of singers including Paul Brady, Tom Jones, Jim Reeves, Ricky Skaggs, George Strait and Vince Gill whom I love hearing.

When driving around or travelling to gigs I love listening to Big Tom. Not very avant garde, but I've always been a fan and his resonant, honest vocals just do it for me. It's a nostalgia thing too.

Listening to Big Tom always reminds me of my teenage days and particularly of the Hibernian dance hall in Fulham where I saw him perform many times.