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Amazon Prime with 'Finding You'

I’m pleased to see Amazon Prime video have just released ‘Finding You’ in the USA.

I’m singing in 2 voiceovers with my renditions of ‘Galway Girl’ & ‘Whisky in the Jar’

Hopefully it will be available in the UK soon.

I’m delighted to announce that my previously postponed gigs in northern Sweden for January and February have been rescheduled for the beginning of 2023.

I’ll update you once the actual new dates have been set.

The venue is 120km from the arctic circle, situated in a spectacular location.

We’re planning to maximise the experience and it’ll hopefully allow me to indulge in a lifelong ambition of riding on a sleigh led by Huskies!

We’ll be aiming to fulfil that ambition soon!

Come on you Lions!

I’ve been (more or less) a regular at Millwall since 1970, I’m still a season ticket holder and I only tend to miss a game if it clashes with a gig.

The 21/22 season was an exciting time and we punched way above our weight throughout the campaign.

With just a tad more consistency and a bit of luck, we could have sneaked into top six and we were in the fight, right up to the finishing line.

I’m happy with the fact that we did ourselves proud against clubs with way bigger budgets and crowds than we have and the Championship is a great division to be in.

Looking forward to next season already.

Come on you lions!

Latest releases in 2021 and more to come

In August 2021 I released two new albums of 21 tracks that include 19 of compositions of my own.

‘I Saw the Light’ includes the Hank Williams classic of the same name and the beautiful Jenn Bostic song ‘Jealous of the Angels.

All of the other songs were written in a mainly country genre with a couple of easy listening tracks such as my own version of my most successfully covered track ‘Never Too Old To Love’.

‘If Nothing Changes’ is a collection of tracks including a variety of genres.

The album includes a few tracks from my main genre that I’m more well known for such as ‘Neath a Cold Irish Sky’, ‘De Valera’ and a brand new song that I wrote during the lockdown, ‘The Irish and the Choctaw Tale.

I’m currently working on another album that will be essentially Irish.

I’m waiting to hear on 2 of my tracks to be confirmed for inclusion on a forthcoming album commemorating the centenary of Irish independence.

I’ll update you if and when the deal goes through and how to buy the album. 

YouTube and Streaming favourites and Facebook

I recently had a profile created on Facebook. I seem to have found a whole new audience for my songs. Here’s the link!

What's being played on Spotify at the moment?

My most played track for the past few months, across all of the platforms, has by far been ‘Galway Girl’ with over 56,000 spins on Spotify, closely followed by ‘The Thatcher Song’.

It’s closely followed by my 90’s Irish world cup song. ‘Jackie’s Army’.

The other 3 most played tracks are ‘The Bojo Song’, ‘Rev Ian Paisley’ and ‘De Valera’

My new albums most played track is presently ‘The Irish and the Choctaw Tale’ .

What about YouTube and Radio?

In the past few months my cover version of Steve Earle’s ‘Galway Girl’, used in the film soundtrack ‘Finding You’, has had over 18,000 spins, swiftly followed by ‘The Thatcher Song’, ‘De valera’ and ‘The Bojo Song’ which has found a surprisingly new audience in Belgium, where it’s had some very healthy radio play figures and has featured on TV several times.

24 Shades of Green, recently escaped!

A few months ago, I released a compilation album that is essentially an upgrade from the previous album ’20 Shades of Green’ with 4 additional tracks including Billy Reid and Joe McDonnell.