Seán Brady Irish singer

Seán Brady Irish singer

Singer, songwriter, recording artist and live performer of Irish songs and music

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Copyright exists in all of my songs and they're all published in the usual way with Brady music publishing via PRS and MCPS and their international partners worldwide.

If you’re a recording artist, record label, licensing body or a music industry professional or publisher seeking a co publishing partnership on any of my songs, please get in touch directly via my contact form, or you can call or WhatsApp me on +44 (0)7877 819255.

Cover versions

Many of my songs have been covered by other acts, used in films, commercials, tv shows and computer games.

My writing includes a wide range of genres but mainly easy listening, country and Irish folk.

Contact PRS or MCPS directly regarding licensing for new recordings.

Many of my songs below are currently uncovered by other artists. 

You’ll find the lyrics in the content section within the individual YouTube listing.

Publishing rights of my songs are owned 100% by Brady music publishing under copyright control and registered with PRS and MCPS.

In many cases the copyright of the actual recordings are also owned by my me*, under copyright control with Brady music productions.

*Except with all tracks from the original 1988 version of my album ‘The Thatcher Song’ which are owned by Phoenix Leisure.

Brady Music publishing country and easy listening songs

Brady Music publishing Folk & Irish songs